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We aim to help you gain
financial independence.

Discover enormous trading opportunities. Financial market never rests, so do we.

You are different and we treat you differently.

Developed to not miss opportunities

Explore Solid Stocks Webtrader functionalities, tools, indicators, and more.

Trade as low as $10/trade

It enables you to trade without working with all your capital. Open small trades, as $10 per trade, as trading becomes friendlier.

One-Click Trading

What happens in the market, definitely, leads your trading actions. There are one-click trading functionalities enabling you to place your trades very fast.

Go long & short

Boost your presence in the market by opening short and long positions at the same time, even in the same markets.

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Detailed markets

Markets are divided in specific categories, so it is easy for you to pick up what you want.

Track and download your trading actions

Every action of you is registered and you are able to download a history of them. Your transactions history, withdrawals and trades.

Multiple chart screen

Choose 1, 2, 3 or even more charts to appear at the same time on the screen. Change the type of charts, line, bars, candlesticks.

Global markets under your orders

Place your next successful trade.

Trade the giant of Forex, EUR/USD pair and more.

Trade the giant of Crypto coins, Bitcoin and more.

World stocks on your hand, Google, Facebook, Apple and more.

World indexes on your hand, Nasdaq, S&P500, DAX30 and more.

Soft & hard commodities on your hand, Gold, Crude Oil and more.

Trade with us, succeed with us

Reliable Trading Provider

We are managing 1.3 million active traders on our platforms, for more than 9 years in this industry.

Excellent customer support

We provide our clients with personal account managers who guide them all the time. There is 24/5 email, phone support for every trader.

High Security Levels

Your online transfers are protected by SSL security system, the same security system that banks are using. Your funds are kept in segregated accounts.


Technical, fundamental analysis are two fundamental tools in trading decision making. They help traders to know the market before investing.

Live Quotes

There is always a good decision the one based on the latest performance of the market. Get the latest assets prices through our website.

Market Summary

Financial markets are always in the move. Assets are always in change. Find a summary of the assets which are doing good and others doing not so good.

More about Solidstocks

Our Teams

Our company is successful because of the talented people. Our team of developers who take care of trading platforms and their adaptability with our systems are really our heroes.

Reliable, advanced technology

Access Solid Stocks Webtrader, advanced trading platforms yet easy to use and user-friendly interface. High-security levels of trading through platforms.

Negative Balance Protection

We have certain policies to protect our clients from negative balance. You will not lose more than you can afford to lose.